Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blank Page

This big blank page looks un-naturally massive, but I have been requested to write something, and attempt it, I will. I think I’ll start by asking a tough question, and attempting to answer it while sprinkling my opinion in generously, however the question still eludes my mind. I’m getting nowhere fast but at least the page is filling, albeit slowly, but it’s still progressing. Isn’t it odd that even though I haven’t made any progress at all I have the false impression that I’m actually getting somewhere? I still have no idea what question to ask myself and my readers, but psychologically I am getting somewhere. Now I have another decision to make: should I continue on rambling about nothing, as it will still fulfill the purpose of this document, or perhaps continue trying to procure an authentic topic? This might be the very question I’ve been looking for! However, if I use this as the question it invalidates the entire thing. I believe I will use it, because my mind is still blank as this paper used to be.  There you have it, the answer to the question and thus the end of this article.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stick shift........

I haven't driven a stick shift vehicle in a long time. The last time I drove one it was an old (I think '91) Geo Storm. It was a really good car, mostly because of it's manual transmission, but I really liked it. It wasn't much to look at but secretely I hoped that one day it would be mine, as it was mom's at the time. Unfortunately one night as I was brining Mel home from her job I was sitting at a red light on a busy arterial when the car just... died. I thought well that's odd because I didn't kill it, as it was in neutral. So I turned the key... several times... but still no turn over. I was like well this sucks so I flipped on my emergency lights and attempted to decide what to do. I had heard of push starting but there wasn't much of a hill anywhere and I didn't really know how at the time. Just then the light turns green and the cars behind me start honking, (can't they see my emergency blinkers?) After a while they got tired of that so they decided to pass me. Then a crime preventation vehicle pulls up behind me with it's lights flashing and they kindly pushed me into a parking lot, (I was extremely grateful.) So anyway after we got the car towed home we found out that the engine was seized up because of a loose timing belt or something like that and we had to donate the car. All that just to tell you that it has been a long time since I drove a manual and I really miss it. 

Monday, July 30, 2007

My trip to the gun range.

Bright and early at the crack of dawn, I rolled out of bed and checked my clock: 8:00 exactly. After showering and eating and loading the guns into bags, Me, Rebecca, and Jessica all piled into the car and took off, stopping quickly on the way for gas, and roaring down the road (country music blaring) on our way to the gun range. We only missed our turn once this time around and pulled up to the gate just as the ranged opened, just on time! We unloaded our equipment and stepped up to the firing line. After the bell we headed off to hang some targets. The insturctions were simple, just staple some targets up right? For me it took an unfortunate turn for the worse. I grabbed a cool-looking staple gun and headed towards the target stands. I had barely gone for steps when I decided to check for staples in my gun, fearing I might walk out 100 yards with an empty stapler. I aimed it safely at the ground and attemped to pull the lever, why was this so hard? I braced it against my hand and pulled as hard as I could... BANG, "wow that was a jolt" I thought, "Why does my hand feel wierd? My finger is hard to moce..." Suddenly it dawned on me, I was holding the gun backwards! I had just stapled my hand! slowly I pulled the staple gun off my hand and looked fearfuly at my hand. Yep, nested tightly in my hand was a nice, carpenter staple, sunk in completely into the heel of my left hand. After trying unsuccesfuly to remove it, I called Rebecca over, with her expert hands she removed it with ease and I set a bee-line for her car (with first-aide kit inside) I cleaned off the wound and covered it with some band-aides and went back to the firing line. First we decided to shoot the .22 rifles, which are alot of fun because they have scopes and precision is their game. Soon we decided to move on to the bigger stuff. Me and Rebecca picked up the AK-47 and unloaded a couple rounds into the paper, (that thing is highly IN-acurate though) Rebecca comented that it felt like it would "Knock her teeth out." Yes, it was larger than a .22. We were admiring the AR-15 and couldn't wait any longer, we had to shoot that baby! With care we set ourselves up and emptied a couple mag's into the black, this thing was much more acurate than the AK! and had less than half the recoil. But steve still had something bigger, in his words he said "I brought the .308 for Ryan to punnish himself with." (With 15foot pounds of recoil it was a bit larger than the AK [5ft lb] and the AR [2 ft lb]) As it turns out though, it was alot of fun, from a standing position I got a 10, and even an X from 50 yards! After rifle we went and shot some pistol, (.22 and .38 revolvers) which was also alot of fun. By then though we were really tired and hungry and decided to call it a day. On the way home we stopped at Mc Fats for lunch, came home, put stuff away, and mowed the lawn (with 1 hand I might add) I can't really do much with my left hand other than type and work a mouse, If I lift something hevier than half a gallon of milk it will shoot with pain, and if I bend my wrist or fingers too far it will hurt also. But other than that I'm healthy as a horse! (thanks to those 9 vitamins)